Wind Storm Recovery

In the event of a hurricane or other extreme weather event, Jason’s Arborcare will evaluate your property and the current condition of the trees within 24 hours as deemed safe following such an event. Our main intent is to provide a professional evaluation of the trees on the property. Fees for this evaluation will be billed at Certified Arborist/ Consultant rate for this service. Our team will assist in any major clean up (debris too large or dangerous to be removed by the landscape contractor) should our services be necessary. Smaller debris or debris that is removable by the landscape contractor should be removed as such.

Activation of the Windstorm recovery plan will be in affect four (4) hours following a Hurricane Warning for the client properties area. Our plan of action includes the preparation of our equipment, employee safety and securing of our facilities. Please keep this in mind. Our Management staff will be on call following a windstorm event and will arrive at the client properties as soon as deemed safe. Ours crews will arrive on property as soon as winds are below 35mph (sustained) and management deems it safe for travel.

Post storm debris removal/disposal will be determined following a windstorm event. Many times, disposal sites are temporarily unable to receive debris after a windstorm. Once disposal sites are available or other plans for removal/disposal are made, action per those plans will begin. Debris Tipping fees will be billable directly to the client (fees will include hourly driver/operator billable time).

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