Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming is extremely important not only for the health of a tree, but also for the safety of you and those around you. Healthy trees are vital for life and create homes for our wildlife. A healthy tree will add value to your property and use its own natural resources to combat disease and pests.

We take great care keeping a trees natural growing characteristics with proper pruning practices. Our pruning guidelines comply with the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) ANSI A300 Standards. Our Certified Arborists will give you a free on-site evaluation and will discuss with you types of pruning maintenance that is required for both the immediate and long term care of your trees.

Our pruning practices include:

  • Crown thinning (selective removal of interior branches)
  • Crown cleaning (removal of dead wood and sprouts)
  • Crown raising (elevate lower branches in canopy for clearance)
  • Crown reduction (required for larger trees without suitable space for species)
  • Hazardous reduction pruning (a short term solution to reduce risk of injury to persons or property)
  • Crown restoration (remedial pruning of damaged branches including correcting improper pruning)

*Topping is a practice that badly damages a tree creating heavy exposure of once shaded interior branches that results in splitting /cracking on branches. The tree will respond with a flush of excessive sprouts that will need to be mitigated many years after. Excessive pruning with also cause root loss due to canopy loss. (always strive to maintain root to shoot balance!) This creates a dense canopy with a weakened root system leaving the tree susceptible to high winds.

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